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The Future is Now: How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Video Production in 2023

The Future is Now: How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Video Production in 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technological advancement that is increasingly permeating various spheres of society. Undoubtedly, it’s a tool capable of enhancing numerous tasks, particularly in video production, where AI could be a major ally.

However, there’s a certain apprehension among professionals across diverse fields, including content production, about the possibility of AI optimally performing their roles and, as a result, rendering them jobless.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the topic of artificial intelligence in video production and how it promises to transform this sector in 2023, so keep reading!

What Exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence, often abbreviated as AI, is a suite of technological advancements that enable the execution of a multitude of tasks with human-like capabilities.

It involves programming machines to make independent decisions based on databases that reflect patterns of behavior. In essence, AI empowers machines to act like humans in various situations, to be able to learn, discern, and choose which actions to take under different circumstances, acting rationally and intelligently.

Multiple fields intersect within artificial intelligence, employing behavioral patterns, cloud computing, and big data.

By harnessing these resources, it is possible to train artificial intelligence as if it were a child, instructing it toward a specific goal. From there, it will be capable of observing, understanding, organizing, and acting according to pre-established patterns.

The ultimate purpose of artificial intelligence is to enable systems to operate autonomously and decisively, adhering to designated data and patterns.

With this goal fully realized, it enables problem-solving, procedures, programming, and decision-making to be executed more precisely than when carried out by humans.

Where Can We Find Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is present in various areas of the modern world. Undoubtedly, you make daily use of tools and activities that employ AI without even realizing it. Many companies’ customer service systems, autonomous cars, internet search engines, computers, smartphones, and various apps that we constantly use, have artificial intelligence embedded in their services. A very popular service that utilizes AI is virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa.

Here are some sectors where artificial intelligence has already been established:

Industrial Sector

Automation has been the driving force in industries for a long time, and since then, industrial processes and machines have continually been improving and becoming more powerful.

In this sector, machines are used that not only manufacture items but also check them, independent of human labor.

If you think this is quite advanced, know that there’s more! Machines are being developed not only to manufacture and monitor projects but also to provide initial creative input.

GPS Service

GPS services like Google Maps and Waze, through artificial intelligence, can formulate the best routes to follow.

While there is a margin of error in their routes, they continue to be used by many people because they are indeed an excellent option for choosing the best path.

This becomes possible because AI collects and interprets information provided by other app users about the traffic situation in various locations.

Customer Service

Currently, in various companies, you can find automated customer service systems. This system ensures that users of certain services can have their queries answered at any time of the day and their service requests forwarded.

Autonomous Cars

Not too long ago, the term ‘autonomous cars’ might sound strange, but today, this is a reality.

Some companies, Tesla being one of the most well-known, have cars with technologies that eliminate the need for a driver, making them capable of self-navigation.

Are Content Production Professionals at Risk of Being Replaced by AI?

Artificial intelligence in video and content production is a significant trend. Hence, there’s a substantial concern among professionals in the content creation and marketing field about having their roles replaced by AI-based labor.

This concern arises due to the increasingly adept ability of algorithms to perform various tasks effectively and intelligently.

Tools like Elai, Synthesia, and Make-a-Video are capable of creating videos from sentences. Lensa, Dall-E, and Midjourney can create illustrations through textual commands or images.

Meanwhile, ChatGPT can answer complex questions to guide the creation of various types of texts. In other words, it’s possible to identify numerous roles, which were previously performed only by human labor, now being fulfilled by AI tools.

Some say that artificial intelligence emerged to enhance the work performed by artists. However, there’s a significant concern within this group about having their roles replaced by AI apps.

How will Artificial Intelligence Transform Video Production in 2023?

Despite being viewed with some apprehension by many professionals in the field, artificial intelligence in video production is a significant trend for 2023 and the following years.

Functions performed by apps in the video production context can automate specific tasks, leading to the optimization of time and money spent, and enabling content production professionals and companies to grow and improve their results.

Even though AI may prevail in certain functions, other activities will arise from it.

Generative Artificial Intelligence

This type of artificial intelligence could be a big promise for 2023 due to its creative capabilities, enabling it to generate new things that could previously only be created through human skills.

The perspective is that, in the coming years, artificial intelligence in video and content production will continue to grow and be increasingly present in various areas of media creation, audio, and various internet content.