Aliansce Sonae

Project Briefing

Aliansce Sonae and brMalls together make up the most comprehensive platform for services, entertainment, lifestyle, and purchases in Latin America, with a portfolio of 62 shopping centers. The company offers full service, working on everything from project planning and development to managing retail complex structures and operations from a legal and financial perspective.

The task included creating a three-minute explainer animation video to promote the organizational culture of the company within the employees. Our team provided scriptwriting, voice over casting, art direction and custom illustrations, sound design, as well as fluid animation design.


Aliansce Sonae


$4.000 - $6.000

Delivery Time

6 week delivery



Studies show that the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than plain text. That's why 93% of marketers say it's essential to include videos as part of their marketing strategy. Our creative team develops original productions, with exclusive and attractive illustrations to delight your audience and increase your sales.