Client Testimonial Videos

Also known as “success story videos”, these are case studies from satisfied customers, detailing the positive impact of using your product or service.

A customer testimonial video is a communication tool with the objective of presenting to the public a successful case of a brand or company, based on real testimonies of consumers who have been satisfied with the service they received. This type of video offers a chance to spread the positive opinion and perspectives of customers who have already used a product or service and who recommend it to the general audience.

How are client testimonial videos made?

Success story videos are produced by recording testimonials of the satisfied customers. It can be created from a single testimonial or from multiple people involved in the project including your team and the customer's team.

This video presents a direct communication with high potential to connect to the public, due to its "true story" sense. By conducting customer surveys and identifying the most attractive format, our team develops the narrative, and we guide interviewees during the recordings. It is important that the video generates identification with the public, that it arouses the interest of the viewers in getting to know the brand better and that it manages to gain the trust of the potential consumer.

This type of video requires a professional production team, which will study and provide a soundtrack, a memorable script, high quality images, high level narration and the construction of a strong story that can touch people and influence the way they see the company, its products and services. The real testimonies used in this type of video help to strengthen the narrative and put the human dimension in evidence.

Producing a customer testimonial video is not such an easy task. It is important to count with an experienced and specialized team. All planning and execution steps need to be carried out with care and assertiveness, so that the final message is as favorable as possible to the company's goals.

This format of successful case is already widely used by advertising and marketing agencies and has gained an increasing space on the internet, with the dissemination of videos on social networks. Campaigns with this format strengthen the brand, bring credibility and reinforce the companies' commitment to customer satisfaction.

Experience in telling good stories

Most people get intimidated in front of the camera and can have a hard time giving a consistent testimony, while keeping it short and interesting. It is essential to hire a video production company with extensive experience and expertise in this type of production, so that all the details of the content are thought out and executed by specialists.

Here at Olive Tree Films, we produce amazing client testimonial videos, customized to your business, with creativity at a high level of service.

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How to get a good testimonial?

To collect this type of testimonial, the producer and director responsible for the video content, with the collaboration of the client, set up an interview to dive deeper into the case and collect important and relevant information. Then, our screenwriter organizes all collected data and develops the video's script - or a list of questions and potential answers to be made at the filming day by our director.

Features of a customer testimonial video

This type of production helps humanizing brands, exploring their qualities and showing viewers their differentials. The script should be focused on results, always based on data, with an emotional tone - highlighting why your brand should be considered and remembered by other people. It is an authentic tool of communication that is not simply commercial, but focused on building public opinion.

Storyline: Challenges and Results

Customer testimonial videos are based on case study format. It has been widely used by advertising agencies to showcase their successful cases at festivals. Now it is also being explored by brands to impact the audience.

Straight to the point

Customer testimonial videos are up to 3 minutes long. It is not meant to be too technical. The idea is to keep it simple and interesting to attract viewers.

Usage and Life Cycle

A client testimonial video is a content with a great lifespan. They can be used for a long time for various purposes including online and offline channels.



Studies show that the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than plain text. That's why 93% of marketers say it's essential to include videos as part of their marketing strategy. Our creative team develops original productions, with exclusive and attractive illustrations to delight your audience and increase your sales.

Who can benefit from a success story video?

A client testimonial video can be produced for all types of businesses, products, services as well as professionals, such as architects, coaching professionals, industries, technology companies, startups, among others.

What is the impact of this video format?

Real case stories are always persuasive and informative. They generate incredible audience engagement and help strengthen relationships between companies and their customers. The impact of this type of video is very positive. Client testimonial can be used on social networks, Youtube, corporate websites, events, and other high-impact media.

Valuing your customer's experience

By opting for the production of a client testimonial video, companies strengthen their marketing, raise relevance and prominence to their customers and manage to capture real success stories, which offer a clear measurement of the consumer satisfaction level towards the brand. The important thing is to keep it authentic and original, revealing to the audience aspects about the company that they did not know until then.


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