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Empower Your Team with Training Videos: Increase Retention, Engagement and Productivity

Corporate training is an excellent way to improve employee effectiveness. These trainings can be conducted in a variety of ways, but corporate training videos are the most effective method of training employees. Among the numerous advantages are: the low investment and increased distribution of teaching materials with an appealing layout.

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E-learning in the
corporate environment

Digital is gaining strength in the search for innovative education and is widely used in the development of content that requires speed and connectivity. We need to be able to study anywhere and at any time, which is why we stress the importance of incorporating audiovisual resources into content that adapts responsively to computers, cell phones, smartphones, and tablets, in addition to meeting the market's multiplatform requirements.

Learning objects such as illustrations, 2D and 3D animations, infographics, and podcasts generate interactivity, promoting student interest and connection, and increasing their participation in relation to other educational activities.

Key benefits of corporate e-learning


Vídeo de Treinamento EAD

1. Content is always available.

Training videos can be distributed on online platforms so that students can access them at any time and from any location, regardless of physical barriers or access limitations. It is an approach that offers flexibility to the students' own schedules while reducing the need for face-to-face meetings.

Vídeo de Treinamento EAD

2. Teaching methodologies

Several studies in education and psychology have been conducted over the years, and as a result, several theories about how we learn have emerged. Applying methodologies correctly improves the effectiveness of any training, ensures better results, and increases participant satisfaction.

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3. Interaction

Interaction between instructors and students is also possible with training videos. Tools such as forums, video or audio calls, chat, and other forms of interaction are available. A learning community, particularly in distance learning, plays a valuable role in the learning process.

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4. Performance

Investing in adequate resources geared toward hands-on learning increases student participation. The impact extends beyond the application of trainings, as it fosters a sense of belonging, helping employees feel integrated, and encouraging high performance to increase productivity.

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5. Flexibility

Everything in its own time and place! This is one of the advantages of distance learning, providing the student with time to study within a schedule established by him, and choosing the most suitable location, regardless of location. Online training strengthens the company's commitment to offering inclusive education, a right for everyone!

Vídeos de treinamento

6. Financial Resource Optimization

There are trainings that must be applied to a large number of employees in a short period of time, and this type of action requires a significant effort on the part of the teams involved. In this case, training may entail the purchase of airline tickets, transportation, lodging, and other expenses to bring employees from various units together. Printed materials also incur costs for the company. Online videos help to cut costs. Employees from any location can watch videos only once and then use them as many times as they need.

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Case Study
Hedgepoint Academy

hEDGEpoint Global Markets is a company that specializes in risk management and volatility protection in the global chain of agricultural and energy commodities. They approached us for assistance in the development of the hEdgePoint Academy. We created original content from start to finish, including LMS distribution. Within three months of starting the project, we launched the platform with more than 140 assets, including videos and PDFs.

The role of images in corporate training videos

The quality of the images is one of the most important aspects of training videos. According to studies, people learn more from content that uses images as a foundation than from content that is only spoken, static, or written. This means that creating a training video is a far more efficient strategy than printing out lengthy teaching materials like handouts or having a speaker speak to employees in person.

People who receive online training retain more of what they have seen and heard, so the production must be professional, with appealing images of high quality. The layout and content of the videos must be planned to align with each company's objectives, values, positioning, and strategies.

E-Learning videos convey knowledge clearly and accurately as well as greatly improve the audience's experience; however, in order to achieve these goals, a qualified production company, capable of working in all stages of video production, from script to finalization, is required.

OLIVE TREE FILMES has the expertise to assist companies in the development and production of training videos and e-learning courses.


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