Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos act as an important marketing tool, as they explain to the public, in a clear and simple way, all types of content, from the most accessible to the most technical and complex.

Explainer videos, as the term suggests, provide viewers with key information about a certain topic, product, service, or market segment. In general, these videos are professionally created, with a visually appealing design, simple language, and clear message. By doing this, they become much accessible to all audiences and provide reliable information.

Why invest in explainer videos?

Investing in an explainer video has a variety of advantages. First, it is important to say that this type of production adds value to brands, attracts the public, generates credibility, and broadens the reach of companies' communication.

These videos can be created for a variety of uses, including conferences, seminars, digital communication channels, advertising campaigns, and stakeholder outreach. The structure of explainer videos is flexible. It is generally short and includes high quality images, infographics, animations, illustrations, and other eye-catching visuals. The goal is to engage the audience, persuade, and effectively convey a message.

Expo stands showcasing animated video content attract 60% more visitors compared to ones that don't.

Therefore, professional explainer videos can be created to tell a story, using storytelling, a communication method that has been a huge success over the internet. An animated explainer video requires careful planning and execution, as each step is thoroughly examined to ensure the end product meets the client's expectations. It requires a team of experts in communication, copywriting, design and illustration, editing and animation.

Don't bore your audience with tedious content.

Creatively communicate technical information.


Benefits of the explainer videos:

• Improve branded digital content;
• Draw audiences closer to brands;
• Present content in a clear and attractive way;
• Educate audiences;
• Generate leads;
• Cost effective communication tool

Explainer videos
for web ranking

Companies can increase the presence of Internet users on a page by around 30 seconds by using short videos on corporate websites, which also helps websites rank higher in search engines like Google.

Videos can be used on social networks like Facebook and YouTube, in email marketing strategies, at corporate events and internal company actions, on the homepages of organizations' websites, and in other forms of communication. Animated films optimize the communication and visibility in the digital space by maximizing results and transmitting important content effectively and with high impact. Furthermore, explainer videos generate leads for the sales teams and improve the marketing strategy of organizations.

Do you want to learn more about the process of creating 2d video animations and explainer videos, as well as how to improve the ranking of your website in search engines like Google? Talk to us!


Hand Drawn Animation Format

Also known as "whiteboard animation," this animation style has already established itself as a trend in the field of explainer videos.

This technique works well in narrative scripts where information is presented indirectly within the context of a story with characters. It is also frequently used to illustrate processes, methodologies, and timelines.

At Olive Tree Films, projects progress through stages such as: client briefing, script writing, art direction, digital illustration, professional voiceover, motion graphics, and sound design, resulting in top-notch video content, with full potential to attract new business to companies.


Animated videos for your business

No matter what industry your company is in, explainer videos are the ideal solution for all organizations. These videos act as important communication and marketing tools, as they explain to the public, in a clear and simple way, all types of content, from the most accessible to the most technical and complex.

Leading technology companies frequently use videos to communicate important information to their audiences because of its impact and effectiveness. Explainer videos are popular because of their creative use of communication.


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