Regus | IWG Franchise

Project Briefing

IWG is the global market leader in leasing flexible and shared workspaces including major brands such as Regus, Spaces, among others. The company reached us with the challenge of sharing success stories related to the acquisition of its franchises including the production of a video pack describing the trajectory and results of one of its franchisees located in São Paulo, Brazil.

The project involved producing 1 two-minute video case study, 3 one-minute shorts and 1 thirty-second teaser  including 1-day film shooting and complete post-production.


IWG Franchise 


$8.000 - $10.000

Delivery Time

6 week delivery



Studies show that the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than plain text. That's why 93% of marketers say it's essential to include videos as part of their marketing strategy. Our creative team develops original productions, with exclusive and attractive illustrations to delight your audience and increase your sales.