Our Work

Enjoy this collection of some of our most recent videos.

Our Risk-Free Creative Process

Pre Production

During this step, we hold briefing/brainstorming online sessions to discuss ideas, understand the client's goals, study formats, and develop the best strategies. After that, we move on to developing the script and visual style guide, which are reviewed by the customer and adjusted if needed, so that everything is perfect to move on to the next phase.


Once the art direction, style guide and the script are approved, we start working on the illustrations for each scene and put together a storyboard for client's review. The arts are adjusted in this phase, prior to animation, if necessary. Voice over or presenter casting takes place during this step as well. Our producers hold auditions so the client can preview a short piece of the script with the artists voices and make his best choice. Live action recordings happen during production phase as well.

Post Production

The final step starts once all artwork, filming and/or voice over recording are completed and approved. Our video editors and motion graphics designers work on giving life to each by building amazing fluid animations. Soundtrack and sound effects are then added by our audio editors to enhance the viewing experience. We deliver the finished video to the customer via an online review platform so they can easily watch it and make adjustments suggestions  before seeing and approving the final version.